Loneliness is a monster in plain sight, a remorseless leech that feeds upon our feeling of isolation and compresses us with enough force to be a constant pain. Loneliness deliberately kills us, taking what was once our cherished solace of light and replacing it with the darkness that overshadows our every moment. It’s relentless and so every moment of happiness we can’t help but anxiously wait for it to pull another string, something that will have the ground slipping beneath our feet. Unironically, it also does the honor of fueling our nightmares, the reason we struggle to breathe.

You would be surprised or I hope mildly shocked to hear that this issue is evenly distributed across all ages. I read a statistic while back that stated nearly one-fourth of any population is considered isolated and would use the term lonely to describe themselves.

We can’t survive without food or water, similarly, we need social bonds to persevere and thrive in our society. We are social animals, born to be loved and nurtured and offer the same to others. Let me lay some very obvious danger of being lonely; disconnection from our peer and a nagging feeling of not belonging.

The key to solving the isolation problem or at least mitigating it is to develop a community. Your community might be three people, or it might be a group. It might be your family, or it might be anyone but your family. Try seeking genuine connections with people of common (or distinctive) experience. Sometimes all we ever want is someone to talk to, someone to hearken us talk about something, talk about nothing, be boring, tell a tall tale – it doesn’t matter… as long silvery melody of our conversation dance around the room.

When cold numbness keeps mocking and all you feel is a void in your heart as you desperately try to stay afloat even when drowning vows relief, know life gets better. I assure you that a time will come when you will find a safe person to trust (a place of rest) and everything will fall into place. But till then, for my part, I’m sending you my love right now, I hope you feel it. I pour an abundance of it into my writing hoping you remember you aren’t alone. We all need to feel a connection. We all need to know we are worthy of love, and I promise you are. You are indeed worth all the spectacular things that the world offers.

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