To the One with the Chestnut Eyes

Dear you,

Your friendship is a beacon, a lighthouse guiding me through the stormy waves of this chaotic world. Like the sunflower that sways in the direction of the sun, my heart gravitates toward the warmth of your presence. Yet, the fear of losing our unique bond restrains me from crossing that line between friendship and something more profound.

Your brown eyes, carry an entire universe within them. They are like two chestnuts, glazing under the tender touch of sunlight, polished by life’s experiences. They are deep pools of hot chocolate on a winter’s night, swirling with kindness and understanding. They calm my tempestuous heart, much like a safe harbor offering solace to a ship after a tumultuous journey.

Our friendship is like a treasured book, filled with stories of laughter, shared secrets, and mutual respect. Each page is a testament to our bond, as strong as the roots of an old oak tree, yet as delicate as a spider’s web glistening in the morning dew. The thought of adding a chapter that could potentially alter the essence of our tale frightens me. It’s like opening Pandora’s box, with the risk of releasing unforeseen circumstances that might disrupt our harmony.

I cherish you, not just as a friend but as someone who holds an irreplaceable space in my heart. You are like a melody that softly hums in my soul, a tune so sweet and familiar that it brings comfort and solace. Yet, I realize that some songs are best left unsung, and some feelings are best left unexpressed.

Our friendship is too precious, too beautiful to risk. It’s like a delicate porcelain vase – precious but fragile. It needs to be handled with care and I’d rather admire it from a distance than risk shattering it into pieces.

You are the north star in my universe, constantly guiding me and providing me with light even in the darkest of nights. Even though I may never express these feelings openly, they will always exist, like an art masterpiece hidden in an attic – unseen but deeply cherished.

A heart that speaks in silence.

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