Palestine, I Am Sorry

I am sorry. I am sorry for this radio silence as you continue to suffer. I fail to comprehend why all our leaders are in a self-imposed slumber. Don’t they realize this extermination of bodies is as inhuman as it is senseless? That it is pure evil and cruel? They did not produce us to grow into monsters of our own making. We were born to love. Where did it all go amiss?

I am sorry I have nothing more soothing to offer to you, nothing that will reduce the ache in your chest, nothing that will heal the wound, nothing that will stop the oozing blood. For what it counts you have my prayers, every day as I stand in converse with our creator, I pray for your serenity and well-being, for your children to have a future immersed in tranquillity, and for their melodic laughs to reflect off every street. For you to get back what was always rightfully yours.

May the demons perish and peace be attained.

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