I think of all the horrors of this world, human beings are the worst kind. Specifically Zahir Jaffer and others like him. It is scary how a new hashtag trends every other day demanding justice for the women/girls, victims of a man’s brutality. How much longer till the next hashtag trending is me, you, or your loved one? How many more #justicefor… will it take for the lawmakers to open their eyes?

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Trust has become hard to bargain. Renovating my house made of glass, to have doors bolted with heavy metal and the windows elevated so no intruder may peak. And I have become anxious. Every knock on my door sounds like the cocking of a pistol. Knots formed in my throat, halting my respiration. My heart is erratic as I stand on my toes to look out the window. My mind is racing. Do I open the door? Or do I not? Will this turn fatal?