To Someone/Anyone Who Can’t Let Go 

Dear you,
Let them go. Let them walk away. Stop clinging to loose threads, trying to stitch the tear alone. Don’t you know that all relationships go both ways? Help yourself out of the constant pain. Know that you have given everything, put your heart on a silver platter, and served it, but it is time to move on. I know it hurts. I know it feels like the heart and the lungs have been burnt with acid, replacing the living cells with deteriorating elastic, heavy, and distorted.

Maybe you won’t want to get lost in somebody again. So you start to guard parts of yourself, parts that are stained, soiled, and crooked. Parts that you still haven’t accepted. Parts that leave you utterly and completely vulnerable, parts that make you feel emotionally naked, and parts that you were ridiculed because of. And that is okay because to heal, you need to let the wound ache properly. But let me tell you this:
You have more love than your heart can hold, even during these difficult times. For affection and mercy are a great deal of what makes us human.

When you let them go, do not become incredulous of love. Love is supposed to make you feel euphoric. It’s like a quiet emotion that, over time, becomes a part of the air you need to breathe. A promise of a better day, perhaps dawn; that’s what you continue to desire at night, isn’t it? It cleanses the soul and makes you feel colorful. It was never supposed to be a burden.

And when your tomorrow comes, let your heart breathe. Don’t suffocate something so valuable just because they held it too tightly. Let it wander and find love again. And when your tomorrow comes, make peace with your mind. Don’t go to war with something that makes you special simply because they haven’t tried (hard enough) to appreciate it.

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