A Killer’s Mind

A chilling thriller of serial murder and dark secrets that will leave you wondering, is the past really in the past?

Three Chicago women have been found strangled, embalmed, and posed as if still alive. Doubting the findings of the local PD’s profiler, The FBI calls on forensic psychologist Zoe Bentley to investigate.

Zoe quickly gets off on the wrong foot with her new partner, Special Agent Tatum Gray. Zoe’s a hunter, intense and focused; Tatum’s a smug maverick with little respect for the rules. Together, they must descend into a serial killer’s psyche and untangle his twisted fantasies, or more women will die. But when the contents of three inconspicuous envelopes reveal a chilling connection to gruesome murders from Zoe’s childhood, suddenly the hunter becomes the hunted.


A Killer’s Mind is an incredibly captivating and enthralling serial killer thriller that will undoubtedly send shivers down your spine. As someone who has always been captivated by the intricacies of the human mind, this book didn’t disappoint. With its unique narrative, the story takes the reader on a personal journey through different timelines, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of Zoe and what drew her toward becoming a forensic psychologist.

Presenting the story from multiple perspectives, grants us a broader and more comprehensive view of the events, enabling us to truly immerse ourselves in the minds and motivations of the characters. Despite Zoe and Tatum initially starting off on the wrong foot, their subsequent collaboration proves to be nothing short of extraordinary. Their personalities mesh together seamlessly, with Zoe’s sharpness and focus perfectly complementing Tatum’s unorthodox and somewhat pompous nature. This dynamic duo not only adds depth to the narrative but also allows us to witness the growth and development of their partnership, making them feel like real people with their own unique quirks and complexities.

The seamless flow of the story at a steady pace ensures that readers remain fully engaged from beginning to end. Moreover, the inclusion of well-placed moments of humor serves as a brilliant counterbalance to the dark and chilling theme, creating an emotional rollercoaster that keeps us on the edge of our seats. It’s remarkable how this book manages to strike the perfect balance between suspense and levity, making it an absolute joy to read.

For those who have an insatiable appetite for serial killer thrillers, A Killer’s Mind is undoubtedly the perfect book to satisfy those cravings. With its masterful blend of heart-pounding action, psychological exploration, and a chilling peek into the mind of a killer, this novel is guaranteed to leave you trembling to your very core.

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