Ecstatic Motion

Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.

Jalal-al-Din Rumi

What makes us feel ‘small’? Does it mean not having the belief that we are good or strong enough to seek the things we want most? Some of us lack the basic human need: love. But we are too scared to open up our hearts because we have deemed ourselves to be unworthy of it. Others do jobs just to pay their way, even if it makes their lives miserable. Bills don’t sort themselves out, after all. Although we don’t live to work, we spend most of our waking hours performing, which is why it is important to be happy and comfortable. Then some people aren’t very keen on changing. These fears erode the individuals we were born to be. We need to trust ourselves and embrace changes to live a fulfilling life.

I love how Rumi puts it ‘you are the universe in ecstatic motion. Each of us comprises the same atoms that make up this vast substantial universe. I believe we are cosmos that hold all the power to do so much more than what we ever dreamed of. Here, Rumi elevates us from mere observers to the embodiment of the universe itself. We are not just in the universe; we are the universe. The ‘ecstatic motion’ is a beautiful metaphor depicting the ceaseless dance of galaxies, a ballet performed on the black canvas of space. It suggests we share in the universe’s infinite energy, its constant creation and recreation, and its undying dynamism. The term ‘ecstatic’ implies an overwhelming joy, an intense delight in existence itself, emphasizing that our presence in this cosmic dance is not just an occurrence but a jubilant celebration of life.

So ask yourself today: What is holding you back? Start your healing process. Start fostering self-love, look inside, and find out what makes you small. When you find your demons, accept them, forgive and move on. Let yourself be in the company of positive people with whom you can be vulnerable and open your heart.

Know that you are worthy of a beautiful and fulfilling life because you truly are the universe in ecstatic motion.

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