The Elegant Moon

Do you remember when we first locked eyes? It was for a second, but you had me mesmerized for life. Hence, as I lay on my deathbed, minutes away from burning into nothingness, I have one last story to tell. They called my kind, your friend, but I desired to always be more. So much more. I wanted to be befuddled by your light, be immersed in your solace, be engulfed in your eternal embrace. And that’s what they said about desire, right? If it isn’t disciplined, it would leave one empty with a burning cold. Some lessons are learned the hard way.

The first time I came into your proximity, I was star-struck. You were so much more exotic up close and every night after that when we both came out; I begged the clouds and the winds to move us close. To play with our strings and make us one. I would become the greatest and bravest lover, for I defied all their rules in my chase for your heart. But your heart was out of my reach. And my desires consumed me. For I forgot that you, my most loved, were the moon and I was just another star being decorated by your presence.

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