The wound remains. The pain lessens, but it’s never gone. All we can do is learn to swim. Dedicated to all those who have loved and lost.

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Wounded Hearts

For the ones who lost their beloved,
For the ones who yearn to hear,
Those honest rumblings of their precious soul,
For the ones who miss,
Those warm touches of gentle rays,
For the ones whose hearts ache,
For the ones that are left behind,
Let the grief flow through you,
Like the river in the valley passing,
Let the sorrow sting your wound,
Wrapping its blanket around you,
Amongst this erosion,
A new you shall arise,
As more magnificent and strong,
And though the wound shall remain,
Here’s a solemn pledge,
From one broken-hearted to another,
Eventually, you shall learn to swim,
In your agonizing ocean of grief.